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US Aero 8 Introduction

posted Nov 15, 2010, 4:11 PM by L.D. McLaughlin Jr.
Charles Robbins, January 4, 2004
30/12/2003 New Aero 8 Pricing and Specification Announced Launched at Los Angeles today

New Aero 8 specification and pricing announced at LA Autoshow

Los Angeles, Ca. December 30th 2003 ? for immediate release The long-awaited new, USA specification Aero 8 from legendary British sports car manufacturer Morgan was unveiled to media at the LA Auto Show on today, and show visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal with the stunning, aluminium-intensive modern classic during the following days of the show.

The new American specification, developed following a two-year programme at Morgan?s factory in Malvern, England, includes a wider cockpit, a new M62 BMW 4.4 engine, boosting Bhp to 325, a six speed ZF Gearbox, driver and passenger airbags, and ABS. The car?s stunning exterior has also been re-worked.

?The Aero 8?s unique construction of high-tech aluminium chassis, combined with a traditional Ash wood body shell and ?Superform? moulded aluminium panels, make a very strong, very light car. We?ve added to that superb base the latest BMW V8 engine, our own lightweight suspension system, and precise, dynamic power-assisted steering. The whole package adds up to the lightest production V8 sports car in the world.

?The Aero 8 is incredibly strong and safe, and has passed all crash test criteria with flying colours. It is also a fantastic driver?s car that delivers the unique pleasure of a highly responsive, powerful and sure-footed machine. Incidentally, it has a number of comfort features that will surprise and delight classic car enthusiasts, and it also meets the toughest environmental standards in the world.? Mr Morgan concludes.

Race proven The Aero 8?s superb engineering, durability, performance and handling have been emphatically proven during the past year on some of the world?s top racing circuits. Race cars based closely on the road-going Aero 8 have recently placed 2nd and 3rd in the British GT Championship, and are now threatening the long-established domination of Porsche and TVR at the top of international GT racing. The MorganWorks Team?s Aero 8 GT will be in US action in March at the Sebring, Fla. 12 Hour race event.

Morgan will hand build around 300 Aero 8s each year. Morgan Dealers are available across the USA (see and will be able to take orders for the new car immediately following the LA show. The US specification Aero 8 will be priced in Sterling, from ?58,500 ex factory.