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Morgans to the USA

posted Nov 15, 2010, 4:07 PM by L.D. McLaughlin Jr.
Pistonheads, December 8, 2003

Monday 8th December

Spec to be revealed at end of month

The long-awaited, USA specification Aero 8 from Morgan will be unveiled - initially to the media - at the LA Auto Show from December 28th.

Details of the American specification are being kept under close wraps until the launch, but the Morgan Motor Company has undertaken a major development programme to produce the new car, as Managing Director Charles Morgan explained:

"The Aero 8’s unique construction of high-tech aluminium chassis, combined with a traditional Ash wood body shell and ‘Superform’ moulded aluminium panels, make a very strong, very light car. We’ve added to that superb base the latest BMW V8 engine, our own lightweight suspension system, and precise, dynamic power-assisted steering. The whole package adds up to the lightest production V8 sports car in the world.

"The Aero 8 is incredibly strong and safe, and has passed all crash test criteria with flying colours. It is also a fantastic driver’s car that delivers the unique pleasure of a highly responsive, powerful and sure-footed machine. Incidentally, it has a number of comfort features that will surprise and delight classic car enthusiasts, and it also meets the toughest environmental standards in the world .” Mr Morgan concluded.