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Morgan Exploration - Neil A. Miller

posted Nov 15, 2010, 8:18 PM by L.D. McLaughlin Jr.
A Review, September 17, 2009
Morgan Exploration – A Review

I have just finished reading over this new book by Neil A. Miller for the second time in as many weeks, and delighted in it as much as the first time! Neil's book, which is the official book for the Morgan Centenary, is the best Morgan book to be published in many years. It is a compilation of fantastic shots of Morgans taken by Neil over the past 40 years interspersed with comments from workers and owners who have been involved with Morgans over the years.

A tour through the factory from 1969 brought back many memories, as I first toured it in 1972. His pictures capture the true feeling of the factory and its workers, and their stories are shared with us. 

Neil approaches Morgans with a passion, and it shows in every page. This book is not the usual history or technical aspects of a car, but of a car that glistens from the pupil of a lovestruck fan! It is a true work of art - 240 pages of pure joy. Buy it – you'll love it!

Morgan Exploration
Neil A. Miller
ISBN 978-0-615-27508-6