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Morgan 3-Wheeler 1909-1952 Book Review

posted Nov 15, 2010, 8:16 PM by L.D. McLaughlin Jr.
Tony McLaughlin, July 29, 2009
This is the first of four books on the Morgan Centennial recently published by Brooklands. It has the complete Three-Wheeler story from the very first one sold by HFS to an article on the last ones sold in 1952. There are 103 separate articles available, and a wealth of information is published by the actual testers of the time, not a rose-colored lens.

Each engine matchup is included in these 216 pages, and several very humorous and real-life stories are there too. Articles are gleaned from all over the world, including New Zealand and South Africa, as well as those of England.The book is listed as $39.95, and has many colored pictures as well as hundreds of b/w ones.

Summary: An excellent book for those who love early automotive history as well as the Morgan Trike!