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Keith Ahlers Wins in British GT Series!

posted Nov 15, 2010, 4:32 PM by L.D. McLaughlin Jr.
Tony McLaughlin, May 29, 2005
Congratulations to Keith Ahlers and Team Aero Racing, along with Oliver Bryant, Billy Bellinger and Ian Grimes, the Morgan Aero 8 GT achieved it's first Class win in the British GT series.

A marvelous afternoon at Thruxton began with Keith Qualifying for Race 1 5th in Class with 1.19.394 seemingly a little off the pace, although the MST Timing had been playing up so no one was really sure who was where. Oliver Bryant then put in a superb few laps to bag 3rd fastest in Class for Race 2 (tomorrow) with 1.18.26.

Race 1 began at 5 pm and there then followed 60 minutes of truly excellent sports car racing - Keith was starting the Aero 8 with a mandatory driver change (to Oliver Bryant) in a pit window between 23 and 37 minutes. His targets on the grid were a brace of Porsche 911 Gt3s. the Marcos Mantis and a Prosport 3000 (a bit like an Ultima). It was not to be plain sailing as after the shakeout of the start Keith found himself behaind the bright red Damax Ferrari 360 of Jamie Smythe another of the GT3 runners - and this was rumoured to be a Ferrari circuit.

The Morgan didn?t seem to be making any impression for the first few laps but what we didn?t know was that Keith was diligently saving the tyres a bit and planning to make a bit of a charge, this he did after 15 minutes and a few laps later was ahead of the Italian icon ? Marcos and Porsche next on the agenda. Almost immediately the Safety Car was out to cover an incident and after two slow laps the pit window was open and Keith dived into the pits to make the driver change, the Ferrari continued to trundle round and its race was run.

Oliver was straight onto the pace chasing the Marcos which had also pitted and the Class leading Porsche which was some way down the road. Lap after lap the Morgan and the Marcos were together, at some times close and at others well apart but the Marcos was always ahead ? it seemed to go away on the quick part of the circuit but Oliver was all over it on the long uphill run to the chicane before the pit straight, then with 15 minutes remaining the Aero 8 came round on its own and we never saw the Marcos again. Now running 2nd Oliver was going very quickly when suddenly the Porsche was limping round to the pits (puncture) the Morgan was through and charging for the line with a huge lead. The last 10 minutes were an eternity on the pit-wall with the car backed off onto cruise control, eventually the flag came out and the Morgan took a hugely popular first Class win some half a lap clear and finishing a very competitive 8th overall - Just Fantastic !

Congrats from the Pub to our Keith and the whole Team!