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A Reliable Morgan

posted Nov 15, 2010, 7:10 PM by L.D. McLaughlin Jr.
Steve Stierman, October 25, 2007
Here is a view that may not be popular amongst the "modify it to make it reliable experts" How will you use the car? 3000 miles a year around back county roads, or 10K a year across the interstates? I suspect the earlier..... Because something was desinged 55 years ago doesn't mean it wasn't good when it was new! In 45 years of driving I have never had a brake system fail suddenly that would prove the worth of a double master cylinder. A properly adjusted set of points changed every 20K typically will not leave you stranded like a Pertronics (and I have just that in my Plus 8)can for no good reason. Konis are great, so are correctly rebuilt lever arms, when you have about 3 inches of spring travel the shocks aren't that big of an issue. Disc brakes, maybe rack and pinion? why? The original stuff worked fine when it was new and can again with a proper rebuild. Modify the body so you can get tires? I suspect there will be tires for many years, Coker will see to that. Electronics, sure put a new loom in it, plenty of quality makers around, rebuild the generator, regulator, starter correctly, they worked for years. Why change the ground, it's worked for years as it is. Leave what you see as it was, body, interior etc; corretly rebuild the systems, changing stuff doesn't always make it more reliable. Your car will only be reasonably original once. If you want modern drivability, used Miata's are cheap, I love mine. Enjoy your Morgan for what it is. I don't know the ability of the restorer mentioned, but if he suggests modifying everything to "make it reliable" I would run the other way. Yes, you may have to change some things, but a proper rebuild of what you have will be more satisfying and your car won't be just one more altered Morgan. Regards, S. Stierman R7082