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Aero 8 Sports GT

posted Nov 15, 2010, 3:37 PM by L.D. McLaughlin Jr.
Keith Ahlers, December 3, 2002
An Aero8 Sports GT is being built at the factory to compete in the British GT championship next year.

The Aero Sports GT is essentially a detuned version of the Le Mans car. It runs a 4.6 litre M62 BMW engine from the X5is. The engine has been remapped by BMW for this new application. It offers prodigious torque. Enough to spin the back wheels in third gear! Early testing shows it to be faster than a Morgan Challenge Class A Plus8.

The car has benefited from further wind tunnel tests since Le Mans and now has less drag and higher down force than the Le Mans car. Much of this is due to a revised design of hardtop.

The British GT race series will run over eleven dates from April to September. Races are between one and three hours duration. It is the premier Sports car series in the U.K. and receives television coverage. This project is being supported by the factory and hopefully will further enhance the cars reputation.

Current rumours suggest that Keith Ahlers (Morgan Challenge Champion 2002) and Rob Wells (Modsports Champion and owner of Libra Motive) will be driving.