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427 Morgan +8+!!

posted Nov 15, 2010, 7:10 PM by L.D. McLaughlin Jr.
John Sheally, January 26, 2008
Bill Fink tells me that Isis has got the 427 Morgvette on the road and running . He fells that it is a match for the Morgan that Peter and Maurice intended to build from the start. A Morgan that can run with a Cobra. The 427 Cu. In. is 505 horsepower, 485 lbs. ft. , side oiler. He has it mounted on 7x16 Yoko tires up front and 9x16s on the rear to handle the tons of torque that the machine delivers. He says the next Isis project will be the installation of GM Ecotec 4's of various outputs into a 4/4 and +4 as a cure for the Moss box, old engine blues. They will be fitted with 5 speeds and modern electronics, and will comply with all current emissions standards. Busy hands are happy hands. Another note is that the Corvette LS3 6.3 liter is now coming available as a crate motor - 430 bhp. With rumors of a 480 bhp version coming before too long.

How's that for news from California, Sincerely, John H. Sheally II